Best. Show. Ever!

The Archer TV series - available on Netflix - is the best show ever. In case there's any doubt, let me prove it.

Celebrity Guests

Any show that manages to get Burt Reynolds, Christian Slater and Kenny Loggins to appear on the show as themselves automatically wins. Of course, when you get Anthony Bourdain to appear as a chef in an episode that pokes fun at celebrity chef reailty tv shows then that's just next level!


Insane References

The show is jam packed full of references, some are blatant like Danger Zone, the hit song by Kenny Loggins from the 1986 film Top Gun to extremely obscure references like Bartleby, the Scrivener and Alphonse Bertillon. The references are actually easter eggs for you to find. It may take a couple of viewings for you to get them all, thus the show rewards you with something new everytime you watch it.

Running Gags

The Simpsons have the couch gag and it should only be fair that Archer has a running gag. It actually has many that occur in various episodes throughout the ten seasons.